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“Dry eye” is the number one complaint written on our history forms.

Some have it so badly it causes sleeplessness, blurred vision, severe pain, and in some cases the eyelids stick to the eyeballs.

So we decided to do something about it!

We’ve created a clinic-within-a-clinic, bringing together the Palouse Region’s most complete collection of diagnostic tools, backed by Dr. David’s over 30 years of experience treating dry eye conditions in all their forms.

Take our quick two-question test to check your risk of dry eye disease.

Some spend hundreds of dollars a month for expensive hi-tech medications, which work marginally at best. Eventually all prescription medications fail.

Dr. David cautions, “If you have dry eyes and get LASIK, you have just started a nightmare for both yourself and guys like me. Even cataract surgery on dry eyes is a can of worms. And, since many of the glaucoma medications exacerbate “dryness,” I personally squirm at treating those who cannot keep ocular surface disease under control.”

“Dry eyes” is actually a misnomer for myriad ocular surface diseases. So, what’s at the heart of “dry eye” problems? It’s a matter of having the proper portions of stuff in your tears. The base of the tear film is gooey stuff (mucin). A thick layer of watery stuff (aqueous) lies on the gooey stuff, and oily stuff (lipid) preventing evaporation lies on top of it all. A deficiency in any of these can cause dry eyes.