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Children’s Eye Wear 25% Off In August

By | 2018-09-06T21:16:43+00:00 July 30, 2018|

The school year is coming up fast! In addition to shopping for school supplies, it’s time to make appointments for your kids’ eye exams. August is Children’s Eye Health & Safety Month. More information is available here: http://yoursightmatters.com/august-childrens-eye-health-safety-month/

To celebrate, all children’s eye wear will be 25% off during the month of August […]

June 27th – National Sunglasses Day

By | 2018-09-06T21:22:44+00:00 June 24, 2018|

To celebrate, all sunglasses will be 20% off this Wednesday, June 27th.  We have a wide variety of frames, including Ray-Ban and Smith – stop in and try them on to see which styles suit you.  Krista would be happy to help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

National Sunglasses Day is a […]

Framing Our Cause

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:47+00:00 September 29, 2017|

Business is about profit. Without it, those involved realize no pleasure. If just living expenses are met but there is no time or money for pleasure the average human’s participation will dwindle.

Yet “profit” has become a dirty word by those who feel some make too much money – the haves working at the expense of […]

Ray-Bans: A Fresh Look For Spring

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:48+00:00 March 16, 2017|

The brightly colored Ray-Bans pictured above are sure to appeal to children, while the styles below provide a classic or bold look for adults.  Stop by to try on these frames or look through our entire collection of Ray-Bans.  Darci is happy to help you find the perfect pair of glasses to fit your style […]

Silhouette Frames

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:49+00:00 November 2, 2016|

Check out our selection of Silhouette frames; the great thing about Silhouette is that you can get exactly the frame you are looking for, to match your unique style and personality.

The shapes and sizes of the lenses are customizable, you can also personalize the temples, bridge, and end pieces of your glasses.  You can even […]