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Prescription “Cutting” Prevents Nearsighted Progression, Right?

By | 2018-11-26T19:34:43+00:00 October 30, 2018|

Through the years there has been a shortsighted allegory accepted among certain factions of America culture about shortsightedness (nearsightedness or myopia) itself.

It’s commonly whispered among parents that one of the causative influences of the progression of the condition of nearsightedness is the continual upgrading of their children’s prescriptions which lines the pockets of the optical […]

Palouse Lentils and Eye Care

By | 2018-10-29T20:38:17+00:00 August 16, 2018|

Palouse lentils have nothing to do with eye care – true or false?

The answer is FALSE.

If you turn a lentil sideways, you’ll see that its shape is similar to that of a magnifying glass.  The Latin word for lentil is “lens.”  Today the term “lens” is used to describe any transparent object used for optics. 

BUT […]

Dry Eyes, Pain and Diabetes

By | 2018-05-26T22:14:41+00:00 March 12, 2018|

Dry eye discomfort can be a nagging source of distraction. It’s certainly not the kind of agony you experience with classic migraines, root canals, kidney stones or fractured ribs, but ocular surface disease (OCD) can make an eight-hour work day seem like twelve on the chain gang. And, interestingly, dry eye management has similarities to […]

And Just What is Wrong with Glasses, Anyway?

By | 2018-09-20T14:29:15+00:00 January 11, 2018|

I’m always amazed how so many people, usually adults, will tolerate radical inconvenience to avoid the benefit of glasses. Most are embarrassed by reading and driving glasses while insisting their sunglasses are a must.

REALLY? And why? Exactly what is this elusion all about?

It’s my experience that many refuse the help of glasses while touting the […]


By | 2018-03-24T09:14:47+00:00 November 14, 2017|

I love my binoculars – almost as much as my F-150 or maybe even my wife. Please don’t tell her I said that!

If you’re around a bunch of hunters don’t mention binoculars. Hunters are experts on everything hunting or fishing. Binoculars and rifle scopes are topics hunters afford no common sense.

Sound patronizing? It ain’t. I’m […]

Nose Pads and the Profits

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:47+00:00 November 4, 2017|

Have you ever had your nose pads replaced on your eyeglasses? Should the optical facility charge for them? It’s a good question.

At Family Eye Clinic we can get nose pads for $0.10/pair – but not good silicone ones, which are the best.


Silicone breathes, so it doesn’t cause skin necrosis like PVC or plexiglass pads. Silicon […]

Framing Our Cause

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:47+00:00 September 29, 2017|

Business is about profit. Without it, those involved realize no pleasure. If just living expenses are met but there is no time or money for pleasure the average human’s participation will dwindle.

Yet “profit” has become a dirty word by those who feel some make too much money – the haves working at the expense of […]

The Solar Eclipse and Eye Health

By | 2018-03-24T09:14:47+00:00 August 8, 2017|

My radio ads direct you to this site concerning the eclipse and eye health. My comments concerning the upcoming eclipse are about viewing it in and around Pullman, Washington. Those viewing elsewhere should get their information from experts within those areas. You can find good information at these sites: NASA (the best), […]

Cheaper Glasses

By | 2018-07-02T22:44:17+00:00 May 26, 2017|

In my boyhood “cheap” meant of poor quality to most of the reading public. Something selling for less was “less expensive.” Consequently, I always have reservations about being “cheaper.”

Family Eye Clinic will never tell you we can do it “cheaper.” That market is saturated. Places like Walmart, Costco and Warby Parker can do it better […]