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In my boyhood “cheap” meant of poor quality to most of the reading public. Something selling for less was “less expensive.” Consequently, I always have reservations about being “cheaper.”

Family Eye Clinic will never tell you we can do it “cheaper.” That market is saturated. Places like Walmart, Costco and Warby Parker can do it better than anyone. **It’s why they are successful.**

Family Eye Clinic’s endeavor is to handle quality products selected by way of the best science, technology, and discernment and backed with the finest support, service and congeniality. **It’s why we are successful.**

How Do We Justify Our Success:

I.    Frames for Your Glasses:

We try to handle finest quality frames regionally affordable. Sometimes the frames we handle are the same as those at a discount facility. Will ours be less expensive?

Probably not.


  • Unlike online marketers, we have a high end inventory, for your immediate trial.
  • We’ll order from our suppliers almost anything you want to look at.
  • If we know a pair of over-the-counter readers will functionally serve you – we tell you! We’ve been known to even give ’em to you.
  • Many dedicated patients are allowed to take samples home.
  • Some dedicated clients wear frames for six months, then develop buyer’s remorse. We can help with that. USA Optical, Zenni, and Warby Parker? Not so much.
  • Something you may think looks exceptional … is a disaster in the making. Some of our staff can spot ophthalmic product storms from across the parking lot.
  • We can tell you, exactly, how thick and heavy your glasses – even build a pair weighing less than six #3 paper clips.  Zenni Optical? Not so much.
  • Unlike tire irons, frames are delicate devices for human faces.  Occasionally even a world class frame breaks in an untimely manner. 
  • While providing full disclosure, we can make such problems go away … without you cashing in your 401K.
  • Most of all: We always have on board a specialist with over thirty years of experience in fitting and adjustment, who has bought, sold, engineered and built spectacles from the ground up.

II.    FRAMES are the foundation, but LENSES make you see:

The quality of optics of lens is largely determined by the superiority of the clear stuff in the lens. A high volume outlet can easily cut its costs in half with low quality materials with miasms undetectable by the naked eye.

Up until about ten to fifteen years ago all standard stock single vision acrylic lenses were cast molded.  

Today high-definition lenses are not molded or ground. High end prescription lenses are cut mathematically perfect with a diamond point operated by computer algorithms, like the parts in your Lamborghini.  The algorithm includes information about your frame’s design, distance from your face, tilt, and its wrap around your face. 

The facilities which perfect these “free-form” or “digital” lenses are the labs that combine the doctor’s orders, a lens designer’s algorithm, and a manufacturer’s lens material.

Dr. David has dealt with labs in the southeastern states, Midwest and Northwest. He is convinced that one of the best spectacle labs in America is in Clarkston, Washington. Their prescriptions are delivered by a courier to the doorstep of Family Eye Clinic, daily. If things are urgent and need special attention – Central Optical will hand deliver. They are not “cheap.”  **They’re just the best.**

III.    When bad vision is not your prescription:

In some cases no matter how sophisticated, glasses will not make you see clearly. So what is it?

Could be a many things:

  • Bad tear film.
  • Corneal anomalies.
  • Cataracts.
  • Macular problems or other retinal disease.
  • Nerve transmission problems.
  • Amblyopia.
  • Diabetic complications.
  • Etc.

Our doctor can find, explain and provide you with photographic evidence of the problems limiting your vision. He can then explain how to optimize your vision.   USA Optical? Not so much.

What about the cost of all this?

We have an insurance guru on staff with over thirty years of experience in insurance law, coding, billing, and etiquette – not to mention the protocol for Medicaid and Medicare and the tax laws surrounding spectacle sales. Our personnel can determine how to apply your insurance to its greatest advantage. Zenni Optical? Not so much.