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Guess Eyeglasses For Women

By | April 19, 2017|

Stop by the clinic to try on one of these pairs of Guess frames: these fun, cheerful colors are perfect [...]

Holiday Hours – Happy Easter!

By | April 12, 2017|

We will be closed Friday April 14th. We hope you have a blessed and enjoyable Easter! Save Save

Tips for Contact Lens Wearers at Every Age

By | April 4, 2017|

How Long Can I Wear My Lenses? Replace your lenses as often as the doctor suggests, even if you don't [...]

13 Tips To Prevent Eye Fatigue

By | March 28, 2017|

Your eyes are burning, itchy, and tired. It’s a common condition but rarely serious. You can take simple steps to [...]

Foods That Are Good For Your Eyes

By | March 16, 2017|

Raw Red Peppers Bell peppers give you the most vitamin C per calorie. That's good for the blood vessels in [...]

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

By | March 16, 2017|

May you always have work for your hands to do. May your pockets hold always a coin or two. May [...]