June 27th – National Sunglasses Day

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To celebrate, all sunglasses will be 20% off this Wednesday, June 27th.  We have a wide variety of frames, including Ray-Ban and Smith – stop in and try them on to see which styles suit you.  Krista would be happy to help you find the perfect pair of sunglasses for you!

National Sunglasses Day is a […]

Sunglasses, Part 2

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The American sunglass industry has done a good job of regulating itself, although some of their advertising is a bit grandiose. Still the sunglass industry has not stepped beyond those claims made by plenty of other industries.

In this article I address how sunglasses can help with reflections. Some sunglass producers tout elimination of 100% of […]

Sunglasses, Part 1

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The American sunglass industry has done a good job of regulating itself. The world has followed. The industry has seen to the use of good science, but it is appropriate to know which claims of superiority have validity and which are shaded distortions, pun intended.

Let’s start by considering the UV filtration aspect of sunglasses.
The prefix […]

Choosing the Best Sunglasses

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How do you find good sunglasses? “The answer lies within you.” It smacks of the incantation of shaman doesn’t it? With sunglasses the answer fits like that T-shirt with the logo of your favorite ball team.

Mountain bikers want wrapping glasses that stick like glue and feel like silk, no backside reflection, no fogging, and sun […]

Glasses That Change Color

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In the 1940’s Corning Glass Company started experimenting with glass that changed color when exposed to certain kinds of light. This was the beginning of the technology of photochromics.

In 1962 Corning made commercially available Photogray glass by putting silver halide crystals into molten glass. Silver halide is the chromophore or the chemical that makes it […]

Evolution of Sunglasses

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Primitive societies reduced the harmful effects of excessive sun with various adaptations of slits or holes in leather, sea shells, ivory etc. These poor souls striving simply for survival with no pretensions paid no mind to appearances and may have had it more correct than we do.

The first sunglasses as we know them were originally […]