2017 Vision-friendly Gift List

>2017 Vision-friendly Gift List

2017 Vision-friendly Gift List

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Holiday gift ideas for kids can be entertaining, educational and eye- and vision-healthy. Just ask your local doctor of optometry.

“If I enjoy it and children love it and it builds visual skills, I will add it to the list.”

In time for the holidays, Kellye Knueppel, O.D., who practices in Wisconsin at The Vision Therapy Center, recently posted her “2017 Vision-Friendly Gift List: 107 Optometrist-Approved Children’s Toys” on the center’s blog. Doctors of optometry say they compile similar lists to build awareness around children’s eye care, vision health and development.

“Many of the toys and games on the list are tried and true,” says Dr. Knueppel, a developmental optometrist. “I look first at which visual skills would be needed to play. Second, and just as importantly, I consider whether children love playing with a toy or game and will play with it many times.

The time-tested on the list include Twister, Lincoln Logs and Operation.





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