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At Family Eye Clinic, you’ll enjoy the most knowledgeable and service-oriented facility for vision health. You’ll experience the latest in treatment and surgical techniques, high-quality eye care, and unique lines of eyewear and vision services.

You are the most important aspect of our clinic — not our staff,  equipment, or facility. Our success depends not on the number of patients we serve, but on how well we serve each patient.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you. To schedule an appointment, complete the form to the right, or call us at (509) 334-3300.

Meet Our Staff

Dan David, O.D.

dan-300Dr. David received a B.S. from Kansas State University and received a Doctor of Optometry degree from Southern College of Optometry in Memphis. He has been in private practice ever since, and has lived in Pullman since 1986.

Dr. David is a Board Certified forty-year member of the American Optometric Association, a fellow of the Academy of Optometry and the American Board of Clinical Optometry. He has written several professional articles on eye care.

On a personal note, Dr. David says,

My lineage is Midwest farmers and cattlemen. (Genealogy suggests maybe horse thieves and gunslingers.)

My two sons and I have hunted, fished, and backpacked a good chunk of the Palouse and the surrounding high country, rivers, and canyons. I also enjoy traveling with family, reading old classics, my church, photography and longbow hunting or any other kind.

When asked about my longest shot, I have to answer, “Proposing to my wife.” My best shot? “Proposing to my wife.” Greatest accomplishment? “My two sons.”


Pam oversees business, financial, insurance and human relations. She is the most experienced eye clinic manager and eye insurance guru on the Palouse, having dealt with the intricacies of eyecare in at least four states for the better part of three decades.

Pam has a Bachelor of Music degree and attained teaching qualifications at the primary and secondary levels. She is the eldest of eight children, was a resident assistant during all her college years, a governess, and taught at the elementary and junior high levels for over eleven years. She has raised two sons of her own and still helps in the nursery at Emmanuel Baptist Church.


Krista recently moved from the big sky of Montana to the rolling hills of Pullman, bringing with her over twenty years of optical experience.

Like all of Family Eye Clinic’s technicians, Krista is a “Super Tech” – she is expert in the many aspects of pretesting,* as well as contact lens trainings.

With her flare for style and her understanding of face shapes, complexions, and personalities, Krista is highly adept at helping you select the most appropriate eyewear for your face and personality.

When she is not working, Krista enjoys football, the Snake River, and time with family. Her forte? Creating art in the form of decorated cakes which could have adorned the tables of King Louis XIV, Princess Diana, or maybe Cleopatra. They’re masterpieces.

*radiological studies, imaging, perimetry, ocular immunoassays, osmolarity, meibography and tear film analysis


Understanding many aspects of pretesting including all radiological studies, tomography, topography, computer analyzed peripheral vision, dry and infected eye immunoassays, osmolarity, meibography and tear film analysis, Heather is one of our “Super Techs;” but her duties go further.

She is a doctrinaire of rules, customs, repetitive demands, detail and accuracy. If you forget it, she’ll remember. If you’re too lazy to do it right, she’ll correct your foibles or bring it to your attention. Consequently, she curates our “As We See It” blog, coordinates our social media channels, oversees our website and sees to intra-office detail that most of would rather ignore.

In her free time, she enjoys getting together with family and friends. Her hobbies include cooking, crochet, photography, and she’s no slouch with a handgun.